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Websites That Drive Direct Bookings


In 2023 hoteliers paid the top OTAs over $50 billion in commissions. A staggering amount!


Just imagine if 10%, 20%, 30% or even 50% of these commissions are saved by direct bookings via the hotel website or app and the effect on your bottom line.

Watch now our webinar and learn how to easily claw back 10-50% of your OTA bookings to your direct channels with a proven framework used for years successfully by small to medium sized hotel brands across APAC.

Watch the the webinar and learn:

  • Understanding why people aren't booking directly with you and their pain points
  • The framework and top 5 things hotel brands that have a 60/40 direct to OTA booking mix are doing to generate direct bookings
  • Real-life examples of the industry's leading direct booking strategies
  • The most important KPIs to know in your book direct strategy

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