[Watch Now] Webinar - The Changed Traveller

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By Farzana Aziz

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With the world we currently live in very different to 2+ years ago when COVID was declared a pandemic, the way people dream about, search and book travel is very different. 
Recently our Group Managing Director, Adrian Caruso presented a webinar outlining how to get the highest-spending traveller to book directly with you...now.

During the webinar he covered topics including:
  • The 'BIG 5' things that have changed when people book travel

  • Where to find the highest-spending travellers that are booking right now....including the top 4 international markets right now.

  • The most important KPIs to know in your book direct strategy

  • Understanding why people aren't booking with you and their pain points

  • Real-life examples of the industry's leading direct booking strategies


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