Why Is Professional Photography A Worthwhile Investment For Your Hotel?

By Mauro Risch

As the digital world continues to grow, the online visual presentation of your hotel or resort is a deciding factor and plays a key role in encouraging your potential clients to book a stay. When exploring destinations, people search for information online and visual content plays a vital role in setting the right impression. Most of your guests every year are new and will choose your hotel based on the images they see online. This suggests that photographs are more crucial than ever before and can help increase bookings.

If you want your business to stand out, you need to work on how people perceive your brand online. Through a thoughtfully curated collection of photographs, you can tell a story and connect with your target audiences. You can effectively convey what your property is all about and ensure that you do not miss on bookings. With captivating visual content, you can appeal to your customers and capture a new market. However, producing the right photographs requires time, dedication and a thorough understanding of how you can use photographs as a powerful marketing tool. Read the following tips to understand how you can make photographs work for you and help increase your bookings.


Invest In Professional Photography

You spend seven figures in the full refurbishment of your property and when it comes the time to showcase it at its best you decide to hire someone who does not understand your specific needs. Does that sound correct to you?

The shots that are used on your website need to be composed expertly to boost the appearance of your brand. Your pictures need to convey the benefits of booking a stay and present every aspect of your property in the best possible way. It is essential to highlight the key features of every space to bring out the positive side of your hotel to customers. By hiring an experienced hotel photographer, you can get images that grab attention, support your brand and are specifically shot for your target audience. Talk to someone that understands your pain points. 


Focus On The Unique Selling Points Of Your Hotel


Mauro Risch hotel photographer - Voco Kirkton Park
Image Credit: Mauro Risch - Voco Kirkton Park

Every hotel or resort has its uniqueness and features that make it distinctive. These elements can serve as the deciding factor why people may want to stay in your hotel. Your hotel photoshoot needs to focus on these specific features to create a great image showcase. If your hotel has a fabulous rooftop bar or a fabulous outdoor area, ensure that they are beautifully captured during the best time of the day and the best angle, to tell your unique story in the best way. Good is simply not good enough. Get the best.


Style Up Your Space


To make your rooms appear welcoming and warm, you may want to style them up in a subtle way. By just the use of a few magazines or a dinner set-up, you can create an emotional connection and make people feel like staying in your hotel. The use of lived-in props like flowers can also engage your potential guests in a better way.


Ensure There Is Minimal Distortion


It is important to build trust and use photographs that genuinely portray your hotel or resort. When customers make a booking, they expect to see what was represented in the pictures online. By hiring the service of a Hotel Photographer, you can be sure that there is no gap between your product and the images to represent them. Clicking the perfect photos requires talent and an experienced professional. 

I hear a lot of times my clients say: "that it is better to underpromise and over-deliver". I totally agree. But remember; do NOT underestimate your potential guests. They are more informed than ever before.


Food Photography


Mauro Risch hotel photographer
Image Credit: Mauro Risch Eratap Beach Resort

The cuisine of your hotel is a vital part of the guest’s stay and influences their decision. By using the right setting, props and styling, you can capture the food and beverages in your hotel. By capturing the finer details and portraying food in a tempting way, you can be sure that your guests will appreciate the experiences that are in store. Appetite appeal does sell.

 If you are looking for an experienced hotel photographer to capture high-quality images of your hotel or resort, get in touch with Mauro Risch.

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