Google Launches New tool to Drive Direct Hotel Bookings


By Adrian Caruso

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Performance Max for travel goals is a powerful new tool that enables hoteliers to reach more guests and boost direct bookings across Google channels. It provides detailed insights into the performance of campaigns, allowing hoteliers to make the necessary changes in real-time in order to maximize their return on investment. Performance Max also identifies new opportunities for gaining extra visibility on Google.

Powered by Google’s AI, Performance Max for travel goals helps you easily expand your hotel’s reach and drive more direct bookings across Google. With one easy-to-set-up campaign, you can reach people in the important moments when they’re planning their trips.

Key benefits:

  • Performance Max for travel goals creates ads in multiple formats that will automatically serve across Google channels and inventory, including Google Maps, Search, YouTube and Hotel Ads (coming later this year);

  • The Insights page can help you better understand your performance, customers and business through information like demand forecasts and search trends;

  • Advertisers who use Performance Max achieve on average over 18% more conversions at a similar cost per action.
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