Fighting Against COVID19 - Webinar

By Fastrack Group


With occupancy down, mass gatherings cancelled and international travel borders closed, the industry’s first response to the crisis is to cut down on non-essential costs which always seems to be marketing spend. However, such a knee-jerk reaction may actually pose a harmful threat to a business’s quick recovery.

Join one of the hotel and travel industry’s leading marketing and direct booking experts, Adrian Caruso, to discuss what you should be doing immediately to boost your bookings now!

With over 30 years of experience in the travel industry, Adrian knows first-hand how global events like 9/11 and SARS had impacted travel demand. In this FREE Webinar session listen to Adrian share his insights and past learnings on how hotels have managed to bounce back from a global crisis. You will also learn the many steps his clients are currently implementing to boost bookings in light of COVID-19.



Download the FREE Webinar Summary including the many ideas from the webinar respondents on how to drive more bookings during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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