8 Reasons To Invest In SEM

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By Farzana

Travellers around the world plan their trips in advance and conduct research online through a search engine. Therefore it is important to answer their queries by promoting your hotel content which satisfies the question of the travellers through Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Furthermore, OTAs and Meta websites continue to grow and are constantly investing in SEM and bidding on both the high conversion hotel brand terms and non-branded terms. It is highly recommended that hotel providers should invest in ‘Brand Terms’ and ‘Remarketing’ to drive direct bookings. It is never wise to completely drop off the radar by not investing in these types of PPC campaigns entirely.


Brand Term First Page Exposure

When people are searching for your brand term, it is important that your brand term is within the top 5 results on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  People very rarely look beyond these results, therefore it is important to have a strong call-to-action (CTA) message to drive direct bookings. Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest way to get your brand out there, and to rank above other OTAs and Meta websites. This ensures that people will click on your ads and make a direct booking.


Get Immediate Results

If you are looking to improve website traffic quickly, and want people to be aware of your brand, then Google AdWords is the solution for you.  You can create an ad in just a few steps, and have it approved and live in just a few hours. You are able to get an instant kickstart for any promotion you may have, such as a ‘Book Direct Campaign’.


Driving The Right Traffic

PPC is the best way to reach the right audience and increase traffic to your site. PPC allows you to target the correct demographic and affinity audience that you want to reach to increase website traffic and potentially convert these clicks.


Consistent Traffic

It is always important to be able to drive as many people to your website as consistently as possible, because sometimes unexpected spikes in traffic can kill a website.  Therefore, with paid search marketing, you are able to control the amount of traffic that you want to reach based on the amount of investment you are willing to pay per click.


Know Your Investment & Return

Your Google AdWords account can be linked with Google Analytics to provide you with more information on how your ad campaign is performing.  Most importantly of all, Google Analytics is able to track ad performance, and provide you with an instant result of your return on investment.


You Only Pay For Results

Google AdWords/ Bing Ads are based on ‘Pay Per Click’, which means you only pay if a user clicks on your ad to visit your website.  This means users will see your ad without you actually having to pay anything.


No Minimum Spend

I always recommend starting with a small budget, to see the outcome of the performance. Once you have the results, then you can always increase your investment to drive more revenue.  We would also guide you through and advise a suitable budget to make the best return on investment on your CPC campaign.


Flexibility & Control

You have the flexibility to change your ad at any time you like. If you have a special promotion you want to push, we can update this in just a few minutes.  If your website suddenly experiences technical issues, we can also pause the ads immeditately to ensure that you are not losing your investment.

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